Monday, June 29, 2009

Tacos y Margaritas

It has recently been brought to my attention that I talk about food a lot. Okay, so maybe I do. I can't help it! I love to eat, and cooking helps me to eat things I actually enjoy. It's become a really fun hobby for me! I catch myself thinking about different things I could make or interesting combinations of foods I could try. Right now, I'm mostly a recipe person...but one day, I hope I can venture out into the world of the unknown and develop my own dishes. One day. I'm still working on the basics.

I think one of the reasons I am really into cooking (and eating!) lately has a lot to do with my personality. When I really get into something, I really get into it. I've always been like this, and I probably always will be. It goes hand in hand with a smaller part of me that, when I need something, screams at me that I need it right this second! That part is a little easier to keep under control...and being really into some things usually isn't a bad thing. Right now I'm really into cooking, but I'm also really into working out and staying in shape. Sometimes, I get really into writing (e.g. the existence of this blog), doing crafty things, reading, or trying something else random and new. So, it's a balance.

But anyway, food. I'm really into food right now, and I love food pretty indiscriminately. I'm not super picky, with the exception of a few things I just really don't like and won't eat (mushrooms and asparagus...ew). But if I had to write an ode to my most favorite kind of food, it would certainly be to Mexican food. There is just something about the combination of meat, tomato salsa, beans, lettuce, and cheese that I am absolutely wild for. In that vein, I made tacos for dinner last night. There has never been an easier assortment of things that you can throw together, wrap up, and have turn out SO deliciously. Tacos certainly always get a thumbs up.

And of course, in keeping with the Mexican theme, it was very important to have margaritas to accompany our meal. I mean, was there ever even a question?

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